2022 Sorrenberg Gamay 750Ml Bottle

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Sorrenberg is a 2.5 hectare vineyard which is owned by Barry and Jan Morey and situated on the outskirts of Beechworth. It is surrounded by forest on two sides and Stony Creek runs across the back boundary. The area was selected for viticulture because of its cool climate and favourable granitic soil. The undulating site provides good drainage and the northern aspect ensures full ripeness is achieved even with the later ripening varieties.

Mike Bennie sums it up well when he says: 

'So, here we are with one of Australia’s most iconic, albeit hard to get at wines. What a thing. A vision to plant gamay and then nailing it so darn well? Well, that’s one of the reasons when asked who is my favourite wine producer in Australia, I say Sorrenberg. Prejudice, perhaps, then again, the job is the job and you get on with it. Biodynamic farmed to boot, of course.'

The 2022 Gamay is showing traits of a cooler year with pronounced fruit and vibrant acid.

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