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    Domaine and Maison Faiveley
    Since Ewan Faiveley took over in 2005 the wines have been steadily improving to a point now where they are amazingly great and very consistent in quality.

    I visited about 5 years ago and saw the improvements in the cellar, and the pervasive feeling of determination was obvious.
    I sat next to Ewan at a tasting of his grand crus and I knew he had just purchased a plot of Musigny for millions of euros, I said to him that the bank must love him with the purchase of Musigny, Batard, Bienvenues and much more.
    He replied that he doesn't use banks because he has very wealthy cousins that make train parts, and he likes keeping the borrowing within the family, and the interest rate is better!
    For the reds, the grapes are totally destemmed and fermented in open wooden vats for the finer wines and conical stainless-steel tanks for the lesser cuvées.
    The wines are clean, vibrant and although not as "big" and firm as they used to be, they have impressive density and concentration. The premier and grand cru wines get two-thirds new wood.  The whites are classically made and are right up there with the best.
     Faiveley own large holdings and most of their wines come from their own plots; they are are less like a negociant and more like a domaine. From north to south the wines, red and white are classic and great, while the Mercureys are stunning value.
    Cheers, Randall

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