About Us

Randall’s Fine Wines sends 2 to 3 weekly special email offers of direct exclusive imports, fine Australian wines and European classics. Many of the imported offerings are from famous vineyards that Randall and his staff have visited and thoroughly investigated. Some offers are once-off “job lots” that he couldn’t resist buying and he thought
were amazing value. Randall’s Fine Wines only imports wines that are great
value at all price-points and delicious.

Randall’s staff spend a lot of time tasting, searching and offering wines that they feel certain are great value, sourcing the unusual and interesting. Randall's Fine Wines has been offering discounted pre-payment import offers for over 20 years. Many of these are direct, exclusive imports with significant savings for wine enthusiasts. Randall and his staff are first and foremost wine-lovers and are keen to offer great service, and honest advice if required.