New 2022 Keller Rieslings, WB + Chard, Westhofen Silvaner


    Weingut Keller 
    Rheinhessen, Germany

    After visiting Keller, Jülg, Prinz, Rebholz, Von Hövel and Wagner-Stempel earlier this year, I certainly know first-hand that these makers are in love with their 2022s! So many of the wines are scintillating in their powerful opulence, perfect in their ripe but high-ish acidities and boasting captivating juicy richness; all in balance. Even still, the Kellers show a racy minerality and tautness underpinning the strong and deep well of fruit. 
    Cheers, Randall.
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    2022 Keller Riesling Trocken
    RRP: $69 | Offer: $64

    Why is this wine so great? because 85% of Keller's holdings are grossen lagen (grand cru) sites, but only 15% of the wine produced is labelled as GG (a dry wine from a grossen lagen site). Much of the wine from these grand cru sites finds its way into the Trocken and the other wines listed below. The Keller family continue to buy small plots in great sites, and to keep "small" they lease off lesser ones to other winemakers. This better overall source of grapes, combined with even more obsessive work in the vines, more foot stomping / judicious skin-contact than in previous decades is resulting in even better wines of great tension and power. Here is a great example, a wine with lime, lemon, slight peach, lemongrass and yeasty / struck rock nuances that dances with beautiful acidity and almost chewy phenolic grip in a symphony of complexity.

     2022 Keller Riesling ‘Limestone’
    RRP: $79 | Offer $69

    In order to make the famous Keller GGs (that sell for $550 upwards per bottle) some grapes are harvested from the best-sited mature vines, very close to the start of vintage, to allow the remaining small number of bunches on each vine to ripen un-hindered. These slightly earlier-picked bunches (from the likes of Morstein, Abtserde etc.) are higher in acidity and perfect for a very lively, juicy, nectarine-inflected slightly sweet and "mineral-laden" ageable and great white. The style of the Limestone is saline and bursting with stony, edgy, juicy fruit (with the residual sugar in the background) is now a legendary white of the Keller stable. The 2022 is just a little plusher and juicier than the firmer 2021.

    2022 Keller Riesling ‘Limestone’ Kabinett
    RRP: $99 | Offer $89

    "Bright, intense stony citrus – lemon and lime – but also spring blossom and a hint of green apple. Marked citrus/lime purity with a delicate chalky limestone-induced texture. The stony sensation on the palate makes you think it is drier than it is. Salivating, great tension. Long and pure and stony, almost dry-tasting on the finish. Long, beautifully balanced. Amazing to get a wine like this from a warm, dry year." 17/20pts! -

    2022 Keller Weisser Burgunder & Chardonnay Trocken
    RRP: $79 | Offer $69

     In English, pinot blanc and chardonnay. What the Keller family have created here is mighty. With Felix's (KP and Julia's eldest son) passion for these varieties and the old vines available, the work that has been done over recent years has resulted in a very unique style. It's like a mythical blend of Dauvissat Chablis and Corton Charlemagne with just a little dash of slight skin-contact riesling grown on limestone to add more linearity, texture and an electric nervosity. As KP says, "It's all about elegance and precision, so we used 1 large old oak barrel, a few small older pieces and a little went into tank." This is a fully dry white at just under 13% alc. with a mineral first impression, fruit following but with a real depth on the palate, a textural twist almost bordering on chewy, and a slight spiced apple and "warm dough" nuance, powerful yet restrained. Spicy pear contrasts with freshness and the oak is well buried. It has impressive length, concentration and ageability. 

     2022 Keller Westhofen Sylvaner Trocken
    RRP: $133 | Offer: $117

    A supercharged sylvaner from some of the best mature vines!

    "Lovely fresh pear and pear blossom aromas. Excellent concentration with a wonderful freshness that doesn’t come from acidity (which is modest). The finish is long and silky with an underlying stoniness. From the Kirchspiel and Steingrube sites. Drink or hold." 94pts! -

    "The best village-level Sylvaner I have tasted. The fruit is not easy to describe because it is not what I would call a 'fruity' wine but it has so much depth of fruit." 17/20pts! - Julia Harding MW, 

    2022 Keller Riesling Trocken 'Von der Fels'
    RRP: $111 | Offer $104

    "From the Rocks" is the translation, the Keller "baby GG" comes from vines that are mature but not yet ancient enough for the GG bottlings.

    "Exotic citrus nose, spiced like ginger, ‘spice’ in the texture as well as the flavour. Ripe citrus yet balanced by intense freshness. Slightly chewy texture. Firm, dense but lively freshness on the finish, spicy on the finish. 17/20 points"

    2022 Keller Riesling ‘RR’ 
    RRP: $190 | Offer: $179

    There is a patch of red limestone in the Kirchspiel Grossen Lagen that makes a cask of exotic slightly wild wine that desn't always ferment to complete dryness. This is the normal "RR". In 2022 KP and Felix also had a cask each of top-class Abtserde and Morstein (destined for GG's) that also stopped fermenting at about 12g/l residual. The temptation was too great to create a "super cuvee) and the 3 were blended to greatness.
    KP has joked to me that in 2022 the RR stands for Rolls Royce!
    This is a wine that ages beautifully, and recently I tasted a 2013 and it is sailing along straight and true. The 2022 will age for 10 or maybe even 20 years.

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    7 products