PRE-ARRIVAL Domaine des Terres de Velle


      Domaine des Terres de Velle
    Côte de Beaune, France

    I listened to a podcast where Jasper Morris gave great praise, sounding like a gilt-edged guarantee to me, to this tiny domaine based in the now trendy hamlet of Auxey Duresses, almost adjoining the village of Meursault. The 7 ha estate is based in an old mill on the Velle Rivulet, and it has a wealth of 40-50yo vines including a little Corton Charlemagne and some time-honoured 1er Crus. We are happy to offer these new and exciting wines to you! They are wines with strength, character, vibrancy, and quite importantly these days, beautiful textural firmness (even the whites). I recommend these to our most discerning pinot wine enthusiasts.  Cheers, Randall. 

    The Creation of a Prized Domaine.
    Fabrice Laurenz worked for Alex Gambel (a smart, hard-working and affable gent who started his own Burgundy negoce after working for Bekky Wasserman in 1997). (We were asked if we wanted to import, and I felt torn to say no as we only purchased from domaines rather than negoce - even great ones). Sophie Laurenz worked for Bichot, Tonellerie de Mercury (a top cooperage) and also Gambal. Together with a like-minded investor they started their own domaine in 2009. They now have 7ha and make about 17 different wines! Their prestige and the range was boosted a few years ago after they purchased 1.3ha of the well-known and also much-loved Domaine Dublere. 

     . "The red grapes are destemmed, given a cool maceration, punched down up to three times a day with a delastage at the mid-point, then aged in barrel for 12 months with a further six months assembled in tank, before bottling without filtering.
     The whites follow the same ageing program. They are smart wines in both colours, offering a good range of bottles at affordable prices." Jasper Morris MW 



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    6 products