PRE-ARRIVAL New Release Gilbert Picq


    Domaine Gilbert Picq 


    We are so excited to offer these "first round" wines from a "perfect Picq vintage"; really impressive, statuesque, powerhouse Chablis' of great interest, potential, drinkability and balance!" 

    When I first visited Didier Picq over 20 years ago it was after a few years of visiting and tasting other producers' wines that were "cleaned up" and ready to be bottled in April, most of which were boring. Didier handed me a glass and apologised, "my wines are cloudy because I have just lees-stirred the tanks; the first ones won't be bottled for 3 months yet". I fist-pumped, tasted and thanked the heavens! 
     The rock-solid wines of Picq continue to impress, and whilst Raveneau and Dauvissat remain the top two of Chablis, Picq and precious few others are not far behind for at least ¼ of the price!
    Cheers, Randall

    "This is a go-to name for those seeking steely, you could almost describe them as “mean” Chablis wines that see no wood. “I picked from September 1 over ten days,” he tells me as we broach his 2022s. “The vines compensated for the small yields in the previous year. I think it’s a great vintage.” – Neal Martin, Vinous
    "Didier Picq, who with his brother manages this 14.3 ha domaine, noted that the 2022 growing season "was basically as easy as 2021 was difficult. Yes, there was some early season frost damage but otherwise, we were basically on cruise control. We picked from the 1st of September and happily the fruit was really clean; in fact so clean that there was nothing to sort save for the odd leaf or insect. Yields were fairly variable as they ranged from 45 to 60 hl/ha with consistent potential alcohols of 12.5 to 13%. We had no trouble with either fermentation and the post-malo pHs settled out right at 3.3. That level is consistent with a riper style of wine that is pliant and should permit early accessibility. In this sense, the 2022s remind me quite a bit of the 1992s at the same stage. What might surprise some consumers is how well the 1992's aged and I see no reason why the 2022s won't either." As I was with the 2020s and the 2021s, I was seriously impressed by the Picq 2022s and it's hard to consistently find this level of quality, especially at the villages-level. Note that the house style is ultra-pure with no wood, and I can vouch from personal experience that the wines age extremely well." – Allen Meadows, Burghound


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    4 products