Pressing Matters - Gold Class New Tasmanian Riesling and Pinot


    Pressing Matters
    Coal River Valley, Tasmania

    “The joy of making wine from fruit grown on truly great sites is that as a winemaker, very little needs to be done to produce a superb result. In this sense, we see our role at Pressing Matters as guardians, simply guiding and shepherding the fruit through the winery. Put more succinctly, this can be summed up as ‘Not stuffing it up’! Whilst the new winery allows more flexibility, really our process remains the same as it was when we were making wine in our old vineyard shed: gentle handling, minimal intervention and an emphasis on preserving fruit vibrancy and freshness”. Samantha Connew – Winemaker.

    Pressing Matters have always made great wines, but they have been on a roll lately making serious aromatic and complex rieslings, from the dry and savoury to decisively sweet and luscious, they all have explosive flavours and a depth that is compelling. The limestone bedrock close to the surface helps stuff these wines with minerality and class.
    Also from these 14ha of vines, largely from 2004 plantings, comes a pinot of great complexity and reliability, year in, year out. It's no wonder that Coal River Valley is becoming known a "Bulls' Eye" location for quality pinot (Tolpuddle, Pooley etc..). With the old vines that Greg Melick had the foresight and energy to plant almost 20 years ago, plus Samantha's experience and deft touch with vines and winemaking, and the superb new winery, these wines have hit a new level of brilliance.
    Cheers, Randall
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    2o22 Pressing Matters Pinot Noir 
    Offer: $77 | In Mixed 6-Packs: $69
    Wow, this 2022 pinot clearly adds further proof that the coterie of classy wines in this area are amongst the best pinot producers in Tasmania AND Australia (Tolpuddle, Pooley, and Stargazer- Sam's own small but classy label).

    The "Grand Cru region of Tasmania" is gaining credence as a new informal name (by the likes of me and other lovers of this group of vineyards) for the Coal River Valley. This 2022 is an amazing wine for several reasons, apart from the fact that it tastes seductive, vibrant and classy. Firstly it doesn't show anything like its 12.8% alcohol (like old-school red Burgundy alcohols); such is its completeness, density and juicy ripeness. Secondly it doesn't show its 20% new oak; such is its inherent (and somewhat "hidden" power, by that I mean it's only there when you think about it, otherwise its a delicious, well balanced and high class young pinot. The 20% whole bunch fermentation adds a little "spice" to the pot, and the resulting red is a riot of red and blue fruits underpinned by pomegranate crunch, dry twigs, pine needles, cinnamon stick, dry lavender and rose petals.
    The tannins are ripe and very well integrated, firm but silky. Buy some, it's a belter! Bravo. - Randall

    2022 Pressing Matters Riesling 'R Zero'
    Offer: $47 | In Mixed 6-Packs: $43

    This is a blinder, the bouquet is effusive with grape blossom, lemon, lemongrass, sea-breeze, fresh herbs, passionfruit and a rocky minerality. Take a sip and the power, drive and the youthful burst of freshness with chalky texture are revealed. The texture is complex (not the simple acid, alcohol and water texture common in many Australian rieslings!) with some lemon-pith textural phenolic grip. The finish is long, as will be its life. I really love this riesling, especially for ageing a few years or more. As the label alludes to, it is bone dry. - Randall.  

    Trophy; Best Riesling Wine of the Show at the Queensland Wine Awards 2023

    2022 Pressing Mattes Riesling 'R9' 
    Offer: $47 | In Mixed 6-Packs: $43
    The 2022 R9 obviously has 9 grams per litre of residual grape sugar which is to say, fairly dry. This has similar vibrant and fresh citrus, herb and mineral notes of the R0 but a small nuance of honey and alyssum flower. Compared to the R0 this seems a little more chalky on the long and grapefruit / kaffir-lime tinged finish. The slight residual sweetness would be unnoticed by most people enjoying this wine nice and cold with some Asian food! - Randall

    2022 Pressing Matters Riesling 'R69'
    Offer: $47 | In Mixed 6-Packs: $43
    The R69 is obviously crafted to be a lower alcohol, vibrant and gently styled lightly sweet dessert wine, and one to act as a German Spaetlese would (to be enjoyed with spicy food as a young wine or fruit dessert, or to be aged in the same way too). This is unbelievably well balanced and it's no surprise to learn that this label wins golds and trophies on a very regular basis! It's only 9.3% alc. and it boasts beautiful "essence of riesling" with lemon, pear-drop, sage, mossy rocks, mineral notes, passionfruit and kiwifruit flavours.

    2022 Pressing Matters R139 Riesling 
    Offer: $38 | In Mixed 6-Packs: $34
    Wow, this is a pure and superbly balanced dessert wine with freshness and shimmering vibrancy. There are complex aromas and flavours of youthful lemon and lime, herb gardens, acacia flower, petrichor, juniper berries, pine needles and wet rocks. The alcohol is low, the sweetness superbly balanced and the potential for ageing, almost open-ended.

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    7 products