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    Pre-Arrival Tissot
    Arbois, Jura

    These wines are ordered on a pre-arrival basis and are expected to arrive at the end of June 2024. 
    Please email wine@randalls.net.au, or call (03) 9419 9795 to order.

    NV Tissot Cremant du Jura Blanc Extra Brut
    RRP: $81 | Pre-Arrival: $69
    This is 50% chardonnay, 40% pinot and 5% each of trousseau and poulsard; from 2020. Almost all of Tissot's cremants are zero-dosage or close to it, but they don't seem to show a harsh or austere side, such is the perfectly ripe fruit power and depth, and the complexity and balance. This wine has some barrel fermented and aged component and the fermentation in the bottle was created with 9% domaine-grown grape juice (yeast and sugar!) because Stephane hates using beet or cane sugar! The comment about Krug earlier on is apt, because this and most Tissot cremants have a slight copper colour, deep and resonant orange blossom, orange peel and twiggy / sappy notes. They also perplex with a slight savoury charcuterie element and a toasty / grilled hazelnut complexity.

    2022 Tissot Arbois Chardonnay 'Patchwork'
    RRP: $98 | Pre-Arrival: $87
    This is from 60% clay (reduction and backbone) and 40% limestone (minerality and drive). Stephane says it's "sunny" and large! I wrote it's a "white burgundy" in many ways, but it's a very dense and mineral expression with flinty, smoky elements and very saline, ripe granny-smith finish. It's racy and oozing with yeasty warm dough like character. 

    2021 Tissot Cotes du Jura Chardonnay 'Sursis'
    Pre-Arrival: $178
    "Sursis" means suspended sentence, as chardonnay in Chateau Chalon has no AOC except Cotes du Jura. The soil is heavy with clay hence the reduction and power of this wine.
    "I love the reductive nose of the 2021 Sursis Chardonnay, a little à la Coche-Dury, with notes of flint and toasted sesame seeds. This Chardonnay is from Château Chalon soils, but as Château Chalon is only an appellation for Vin Jaune (from Savagnin, of course), this is sold as Côtes du Jura. It always shows a combination of citrus and bitter sensations that make it a bit mysterious, attractive and elegant, bright and with very good grip." 94-95 pts - Luis Gutiérrez, RobertParker.com

    2021 Tissot Arbois Chardonnay 'Les Bruyeres'
     Pre-Arrival: $178
    This has even more "cheesy - Jura" reduction than the Sursis, but it's a powerhouse of a wine with depth and grip and great length and acidity making it a "keeper". 
    "They only got four barrels of the 2021 Les Bruyères Chardonnay from 1.5 hectares of vines on Trias clay soils. This is always more rustic and more reductive too, toasty/flinty despite the fact that he only uses around 8% to 10% new oak. This is different from Sursis, more vegetal. Tasted from one-year-old barrel, the wine is less reductive. 2021 is a cool year with very good freshness, and this has a pH of 3.25 after full malolactic." 93-95 pts - Luis Gutiérrez, RobertParker.com

    2021 Tissot Arbois Chardonnay 'La Mailloche'
    Pre-Arrival: $198
    This has a little more Jura grilled nuts / dried orange rind character than the other chardonnays. Cropped at only 7 hl/ha it's super powerful.
    "The 2021 La Mailloche Chardonnay comes from Arbois, from vines on strong soils of degraded Lias material over limestone, and every time, the wine shows a bitter touch in the finish and very good acidity. In this vintage, the wine is sharper and fresher. All these Chardonnays age in topped-up barrels for two winters, so the 2021s were still in barrel when I visited them in June 2023; but they should be bottled soon to make space for the 2023 crop in a few months." 94-96 pts - Luis Gutiérrez, RobertParker.com

    2022 Tissot Chardonnay 'Rose Massale'
    RRP: $164 | Pre-Arrival: $145!
    Stephane found 20 chardonnay vines that had mutated to give pink-skinned berries, so he made cuttings and planted vines in different plots 20 years ago (early 2000's). The plots are; La Mailloche (silts and Lias clay), Curon & Valière, with soil consisting of limestone rocks and base, and Les Bruyères & Sauvagny, (moist Trias clay-heavy earth). This is not a rosé; the grapes are treated the same way as white-skinned chardonnay. The 2022 is a powerfully rich and densely concentrated white with a gentle nuance of florality and musk, but very much like a great white burgundy with more grip and muscle.

    2020 Tissot Savagnin Sous Voile 
    RRP: $163 | Pre-Arrival: $146
    It's like a Vin Jaune, but a little fresher (only 4 years in barrel under the veil, instead of nearly 7 years). In fact it's better than many VJ's! It has lashings of lemon, curry leaf, celery and nutty / spicy aromas, smoky and flinty with a delightfully sharp tangy palate. There is a strong chalkiness and great mouth-watering acidity. 

    2022 Tissot Savagnin 'En Amphore' 
    Pre-Arrival: $217
     Savagnin grapes are destemmed by hand, and fermented on the skins for 6 months. For 3 months, 40% is kept in underground amphorae and 60% in above ground amphorae. Then the elevage is finished in a mix of  amphorae and barrels for 10 months.
    Pale gold / copper in colour, it has aromas of ripe fruit with yellow and white pulp, musk, spice, grapefruit and guava, as well as nuances of sweet dried mixed peel.

    2022 Tissot Poulsard en Amphore
    RRP: $147 | Pre-Arrival: $131 | Magnum: $305
    "The 2022 Poulsard Amphore is his most powerful Poulsard ever, hitting the scale at 15% alcohol. This saw three months of maceration, and it's a bit of a strange creature, rich, pungent, powerful and unique, with an impressive and exuberant nose and a sleek palate, not really what I expect from a Poulsard; it felt more like a Trousseau..." 92-93 pts - Luis Gutiérrez, RobertParker.com

    2022 Tissot Trousseau Singulier
    RRP: $129 | Pre-Arrival: $115
    "The 2022 Trousseau Singulier, still unbottled, was harvested a little later and also destemmed by hand, pressed and put into 600-liter barrels, but unlike Poulsard that likes cold, Trousseau likes heat. This has the textbook earthiness and the slightly dusty tannins that call for food." 93-94 pts  - Luis Gutiérrez, RobertParker.com

    2022 Tissot DD
    RRP: $96 | Pre-Arrival: $87 | Magnum: $206
    A 1/3 assemblage of the 3 Jura reds: pinot noir (whole bunch ferment for 3 weeks), and trousseau that is destemmed by hand and fermented / macerated for 3 months. Essentially made using the same process as 50 years ago:(Stephane's dad "DD" would do a long maceration, no pump-overs, pigeage, and ferment for 3 months on skins in a large 100yo, 2000 litre foudre - the same method as Stephane's grandfather before him.

    2021 Tissot Cotes du Jura Pinot Noir Confidentiel 
    RRP: $163 | Pre-Arrival: $147
    This is La Tour de Curon and En Barberon (so 1/2 limestone and 1/2 clay) fermented with whole bunches for 4 weeks, "I love whole bunch because the wine (in the berries) is protected - I love this)" were Stephan's exact words.
    The process is finished with 18mths in barrel. 
    This is super complex pinot with sappy / patchouli / balsam notes, raspberry, strawberry and dark cherry fruit, some dry underbrush, rose florals and Asian spice.
    The palate is full, mouth-filling and long, with fine tannins ample enough for cellaring. 
    Please email wine@randalls.net.au, or call (03) 9419 9795 to order.

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