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    Von Hövel

    These wines, dry or slightly sweet and fruity are classic Saar region, and benchmark Mosels. The lightness of alcohol, the filigree of flavour the power of fruit (a melange of peach, citrus, nectarine and passionfruit), the fresh herbal facets (sage, rosemary) and the crushed rock / steely elements all combine like a perfect symphony. Try some of these Von Hövels, they are revelatory wines! Cheers, Randall.

    "Our classic and delicate Saar wines from distinguished locations and other historically documented vineyards are characterized by genuine, diverse, clear fruit aromas, which are paired with countless herbal elements." - Max von Kunow, 7th generation winemaker
    FALSTAFF: Von Hovel won the "Kollektion des Jahres" – Trophy for The Collection of the year!
    VINUM: Von Hovel were awarded as "Aufsteiger des Jahres, Mosel" - Upcomer of the year for all the Mosel region
    EICHELMANN Wine Guide. They now upgraded Von Hovel to 4 out of 5 Stars.

    "The wines mature in the vaulted cellar, which is more than 900 years old. The traditional Hövel winery, founded in 1803, is located near the untouched oxbow river of the Saar in Konz-Oberemmel, whose wine-growing origins can probably be traced back to the time of the Celts." - Max Von Kunow
    Below the old abbey courtyard building, the wines are made by hand in the old monastery cellar from the 12th century. Gentle treatment of the healthy and valuable grapes guarantees wines that are characterized by excellent quality and longevity. 

    Von Hovel follows the strict guidelines of the “Fair & Green” association, which awards its seal for sustainable management and winery management. Avoiding the use of herbicides, mineral fertilizers and pesticides is a given and reflects the philosophy of the winery owner.


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    11 products